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It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that completed forms are received by the UGS on time and that all deadlines are met. To monitor the status of the forms at UGS, students must log in to https://my.fiu.edu/, and navigate to the Tasks tile.

Currently, all UGS related documents have been moved to electronic submissions.

The online dissertation milestone submission is available for doctoral students. Please refer https://gradschool.fiu.edu/online-dissertation-milestones/.

For thesis forms, revised dissertation/thesis committees and the rest of UGS forms, please do communicate with your academic department/college, as your associate deans will send your PDF files to us. Faculty and students are using Adobe or DocuSign for signature purposes.

If using DocuSign, please do not include the email addresses of UGS deans as recipients.

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  • Petition for Exception to Graduate Requirements – This form is now electronic. Please see your academic program regarding the petition process.
  • Change of Graduate Degree Form and Procedures (PDF)
  • FIU/UM Exchange Program (PDF) – Exchange program for PhD students at FIU and UM for educational and research coursework. Refer to application for deadlines and registration details.

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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Non-Target Analysis Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry to Characterize and Remediate Urban Waters

The first part of this dissertation will focus on the development of a simple, robust online solid phase extraction liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry (SPE LC-HRMS) method followed by the use of computational software workflows for non-target analysis (NTA) of environmental samples (development). The benchmarks to assess reproducibility are not well defined for non-target analysis. Parameters to evaluate analytical performance, such as accuracy, precision and selectivity, are well defined for target analysis, but remain elusive for non-target screening analysis. In this study, quality control (QC) guidelines are proposed to assure reliable data in NTA methodologies using a simple set… ... [Learn More]

Social Media and Public Discourse Participation in Restrictive Environments

This dissertation investigates citizens' use of social media to participate in public discourse (i.e., access, share, and comment on socio-political content) in restrictive environments: societies ruled by a hegemonic government where users face economic and infrastructure barriers to using digital technologies. Theoretical propositions are built inductively from an interpretive case study of how Cuban citizens use Twitter to participate in socio-political conversations. The case study resulted in the identification of nine affordances (i.e., action potentials) for participating in public discourse that Cubans perceive on Twitter. The findings also showed that the identified affordances enabled Cubans to achieve citizen goals: positive… ... [Learn More]

Characterization of Biological Samples using Multi-modal Mass Spectrometry

There is a need for fast, accurate and cost-effective protocols capable of assessing biomolecules at the molecular level (e.g., proteins, lipids and metabolites) from biological specimens. Mass spectrometry (MS) based techniques have become the analytical gold standard for identification and characterization of biomarkers in biological samples. The high throughput and short analysis time scales enables to follow biological processes while providing detailed chemical and spatial characterization. One of the current challenges in biological MS, is the high molecular complexity, chemical diversity and dynamic range. In this dissertation, the use of multi-modal mass spectrometry workflows -mass spectrometry imaging and ion mobility… ... [Learn More]

Development of a Miniature Pipe Crawler for Application in Fossil Energy Power Plants

The power generation of fossil fuel power plants relies on burning coal to generate steam. The heat exchange between the water and burned coal occurs in the combustion chamber, which operates at a high pressure and temperature. Monitoring the integrity of the tubes inside the combustion chamber is a key factor to avoid failures. However, this is not an easy task as some areas are hard to reach and the pipeline commonly has a complex geometry. Moreover, the inspection is typically manual, external and the environment is hazardous for humans. This thesis presents the development and testing of an electrically… ... [Learn More]

Correlation of Acute Radiation Dermatitis to Tissue Oxygenation in Radiation Therapy treated Breast Cancer Subjects

Over 95% of radiation therapy (RT) treated breast cancer subjects undergo an adverse skin reaction known as radiation dermatitis (RD). Assessment of severity or grading of RD is clinically visual and hence subjective. Our objective is to determine sub-clinical tissue oxygenation (StO2) changes in response to RT treatment in breast cancer subjects using near-infrared spectroscopic imaging and correlate these changes to RD grading. A WIRB approved 6-8 week longitudinal pilot study was carried out on 10 RT-treated subjects at Miami Cancer Institute. Significant changes (p < 0.05) in StO2 of irradiated and contralateral chest wall and axilla regions with weeks… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.