Motivating & Engaging All Students Through Inclusive Teaching Practices


Inclusive teaching is a student-centered pedagogical approach that identifies and nurtures students' cultural identities and strengths to promote and sustain student learning. During this interactive, 90-minute workshop, participants will explore the concept of culturally responsive teaching and its influence on student learning and achievement, identify practices and strategies for fostering and sustaining culturally responsive teaching […]

Beyond the Basics: Applying Empathy & Humility as an Approach to Inclusive Teaching


This interactive, 90-minute workshop will focus on practicing empathy and humility with our students, as an approach to inclusive teaching. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to describe specific teaching strategies that enhance flexibility within a course while still instilling the importance of professionalism. They will also be able to identify […]

What is Learning, and How to Facilitate It

Teachers teach students not subjects. If teaching is facilitating learning in unique individuals rather than disseminating knowledge to generalized others, then teachers need a functioning theory of learning. Teachers need to have a concept of what it is they are trying to facilitate. This workshop will explore experiential learning theory and its use in college […]

Evidence-Based Teaching: Collecting & Using Data from Students to Improve Course Design & Teaching


During this interactive, 90-minute workshop, participants will understand various types of student data on teaching and methods for collecting them (e.g., measure pre and post), identify a type of student data that might offer useful insight into your teaching and method of data collection, and understand how to transform data into useful feedback that can […]

Avoiding Plagiarism (online)

We will discuss the definition of plagiarism and questions about paraphrasing and citing. Please bring any questions you have about plagiarism and paraphrasing.

Introduction to Feedback Box


Collecting student feedback in your courses can provide useful insights into your teaching practices and be a source of data for teaching evaluation. Feedback Box, a safe and anonymous tool for collecting student feedback within Canvas, can be a great way to get started on this. In this introductory workshop, you will learn more about […]

Teaching with AI Workshop (in-person)

Generative AI and Large Language Models have the power to redefine how it is that we interact with the work we do in the classroom. Leveraging them and other similar emerging technologies can greatly benefit your teaching and learning practices. But how do we do so ethically? How do we redesign our lessons to include […]

Writing the Personal Statement (in-person)

MMC - GL 125 11200 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL, United States

This interactive workshop will explore different approaches to writing personal statements and include short writing activities.  

Top Ten Questions about Grammar (online)

This practical workshop will point out the top ten most frequent grammatical patterns in academic papers and provide strategies to avoid them via interactive activities.