The University Graduate School coordinates commencement for Ph.D. and Ed.D. candidates only. Commencement for Master’s students is handled by the Graduation Office.

Important Dates for
Summer 2021 Commencement

For Summer 2021 commencement, the University will be hosting in-person ceremonies. We will be emailing you with registration details as well as other commencement events to eligible Summer 2021 PhD/EdD candidates via the FIU student email account. For our DBA candidates, your contact, Ms. Yasemin Shirazi, will be providing the details.

For Summer 2021, the in-person ceremony for all graduate students will take place on Friday, August 6, at 7:00 pm, at the Riccardo Silva Stadium on our MMC campus. If you are planning on attending, please do make sure to follow the instructions provided by the Commencement Team.

For Summer 2021, only doctoral candidates who submit their Final ETD form and dissertation for a Summer 2021 graduation are eligible to participate. Any questions, please do reach out to UGS Assistant Director Ashley Mendez at Thank you.

graduates after commencement

Doctoral Commencement Information

Please note that commencement correspondence is emailed by UGS to doctoral candidates who submit the Preliminary Approval of Dissertation and Request for Oral Defense form (D5) by the deadline. The Summer 2021 deadline is Friday, June 11, 2021. Students must check with their academic units and colleges for internal deadlines to ensure that the D5 is submitted to UGS in a timely manner.

Once the D5 is received, doctoral candidates will receive an email with specific instructions related to the D5 processing. For further information about this process, please click here.  Summer 2021 commencement information will be emailed to doctoral candidates who submit the D5 form by Friday, July 2, 2021.

It is critical to follow all important dates and deadlines to ensure that your doctoral commencement participation is completed accordingly.

Doctoral candidates who are unable to attend commencement and wish to participate at a ceremony during a later term may reach out to UGS to make arrangements. Please do so by the first week of classes in the term in which you wish to participate.

Only those doctoral candidates who submit the Final ETD Approval form and the final version of the ETD manuscript by the due date will be allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies.

Things to Remember

The name on your defense announcement and D5 must match the University’s official records.

The title of your dissertation must be consistent on your D5 and the defense announcement.

The Major professor or Co-Major professors listed on the D5 and defense announcement must match what is listed on your D1 or D1R forms.


Pricing for regalia can be found on the FIU Commencement website in the Doctoral Graduation Gear section. Pricing begins at $99.99, and you must purchase your regalia from the FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore. You may contact the store at 305-348-2691.

Customized doctoral regalia is also available. Pricing begins at $900. If you would like to order customized regalia, you should place your order with the FIU bookstore as soon as possible to avoid expediting fees.

Pass and Tickets

For doctoral candidates, your Commencement Pass (your ticket) and instruction package will be available for pick-up in the UGS office at MARC 240. You will be eligible to pick up your Commencement Pass once you submit your Final ETD Approval form and upload the final version of your dissertation.

Guest tickets will be available for purchase through your Student Portal at

On the day of your ceremony, arrive at Ocean Bank Convocation Center 1 hour before your ceremony is scheduled to begin.