• D5 and M3 Submission


How to Submit your Request for Oral Defense

Doctoral Request for Oral Defense

These are submitted online via MyFIU.edu. For submission, review instructions at https://gradschool.fiu.edu/online-dissertation-milestones/. 

Step 1: Initiate your online Request for Oral Defense and upload documentation.

Thesis Request for Oral Defense

The documents below have been moved to an electronic submission. Please do communicate with your academic department/college, as your associate deans will send the documents in one PDF file to us. Faculty and students are using Adobe or DocuSign for signature purposes.

Step 1: Complete the checklist on the form and attach the required documentation, including: 

  • A copy of your class schedule to show proof of current enrollment in graduate credit hours.
  • Authorization for committee members who have authorized the Department Chair to sign on his/her behalf, attach the authorization.
  • A PDF copy of the entire Thesis in standard UGS format.
  • A PDF copy of the Thesis Defense Announcement in standard UGS format.
  • A Word version of the Thesis Defense Announcement to UGS (send to ugs@fiu.edu).
  • **OPTIONAL** Two pages of the Turnitin Similarity Report (first and originality pages). See details in the form instructions, part 3. Please refer to the Research Integrity section of our website at https://gradschool.fiu.edu/rcr/.

Doctoral Request for Oral Defense AND Thesis Request for Oral Defense

Step 2: Upload the electronic version of your Dissertation/Thesis to Digital Commons.

Once your Request for Oral Request forms and pertinent documents have been submitted to UGS, you will receive an email instructing you to upload the electronic version of your manuscript to Digital Commons for formatting review. Upon receipt of the email, please read the instructions and immediately upload your manuscript draft. Please note that the draft upload is required to complete your Request for Oral Defense submission.

The first PDF copy of your Dissertation/Thesis that is submitted with the form is typically used by your academic deans to make any content suggestions they may have. The second PDF copy is uploaded to Digital Commons and is for formatting review only.


Your Request for Oral Defense form must be submitted to the UGS office at least 3 weeks before the proposed date of the defense or the UGS filing deadline, whichever date is earlier. The UGS deadline for Summer 2022 is Friday, June 10, 2022.

Remember: Individual academic units may have internal deadlines that are earlier than the UGS deadline, so please check to ensure that all deadlines are met to allow sufficient time for approval and signature.

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After Approval of Your Defense

You will receive an email with our confirmation that your defense was approved. Also, the approval will also be updated in my.fiu.edu.

Additionally, after the formatting review of the electronic version of your dissertation has been completed, you will receive feedback regarding formatting edits via email. This second email will contain a Common Error Checklist with a list of formatting edits that must be corrected. This email will also include a copy of your electronic dissertation file with the formatting edits marked throughout the document.