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It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that completed forms are received by the UGS on time and that all deadlines are met. To monitor the status of the forms at UGS, students must log in to https://my.fiu.edu/, and navigate to the Tasks tile.

Currently, all UGS related documents have been moved to electronic submissions.

The online dissertation milestone submission is available for doctoral students. Please refer https://gradschool.fiu.edu/online-dissertation-milestones/.

For thesis forms, revised dissertation/thesis committees and the rest of UGS forms, please do communicate with your academic department/college, as your associate deans will send your PDF files to us. Faculty and students are using Adobe or DocuSign for signature purposes.

If using DocuSign, please do not include the email addresses of UGS deans as recipients.

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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Botánicas: absence in Cuba, proliferation in the United States

The Afro-Cuban Religious Complex (ARC), developed in Cuba, where the material used in their rituals was obtained trough different sources. However, the concept of a centralized store of religious goods, called bótanicas, for the ARC did not develop in Cuba alongside the religion. The reasons for the absence of these stores in Cuba until the early 1990s is explored via personal interviews with members of the ARC, participant observation, 200 questionnaires distributed in Cuba and Miami, and anchored in scholarly works about the psychology and economics of migration, as well as in those concerned with religious anthropology and sociology. Results… ... [Learn More]

Carbon Storage of Restored Mangrove Forests in Biscayne Bay, Florida

Space-for-time substitution was used to evaluate the rate of carbon storage in three carbon pools (aboveground, belowground, and soil organic carbon) across four restored mangrove forests in Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA. The restored forests ranged in age from 8 to 20 years. Diameter at breast height was used to estimate aboveground biomass. Belowground biomass and soil carbon were determined using 15 cm soil cores. Time to equivalence was calculated for the sites by reference to geographically proximate natural mangrove forests. Time to equivalence in aboveground and belowground biomass were 50.4 and 13.6 years, respectively. Soil organic carbon and total carbon… ... [Learn More]

Intimate Alterities: Shifting Indigenous Masculinities and Sexualities within Amazonian Ecotourism in Napo, Ecuador

This dissertation offers an ethnographic account of how indigenous Kichwa tour guides in Napo, Ecuador, the vast majority of whom are young men, negotiate the demands and expectations of the ecotourism industry and how, in the process, they produce and enact new understandings of their ethnic, gendered, and sexual identities. These new understandings are reproductive of outsiders’ expectations and fantasies about indigenous Amazonians, as well as personally and culturally meaningful. I engage with a variety of anthropological literatures, including the anthropology of race and gender, the anthropology of indigenous Amazonia, the anthropology of tourism and sex tourism, and the more… ... [Learn More]

EU Accession Negotiations in the Shadow of the Market

At the end of the 20th century, the European Union (EU) had decided to expand into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by extending accession invitations to ten CEE states. During the accession process, each nation had a bargaining committee which was established to negotiate with EU representatives about the entrance requirements. Formally, negotiations revolve around political and economic bargaining between politicians of the incoming member states and the EU representatives. Informally, however, private commercial entities heavily influence the bargaining process, both from the EU and from the member state side. This scholarly work refers to these entities as transnational interest… ... [Learn More]

The Mango Snores

ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS THE MANGO SNORES by Michael S. Garcia Florida International University, 2021 Miami, Florida Professor John Dufresne, Major Professor Set in Miami at the start of the twenty-first century, THE MANGO SNORES is a seriocomic crime novel chronicling a week in the life of Sam Espada, Cuban-American writing professor and author of the Mango series of detective fiction. Reeling from the sudden dissolution of his marriage and the abject failure of his latest book, Sam finds himself embroiled in a plot right out of one of his novels when his newest pupil, private investigator Leonard Cobb, is… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.