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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Penta-Modal Imaging Platform with OCT- Guided Dynamic Focusing for Simultaneous Multimodal Imaging

Complex diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, are associated with sequences of changes in multiple disease-specific biomarkers. These biomarkers may show dynamic changes at specific stages of disease progression. Thus, testing/monitoring each biomarker may provide insight into specific disease-related processes, which can result in early diagnosis or even development of preventive measures. Obtaining a comprehensive information of biological tissues requires imaging of multiple optical contrasts, which is not typically offered by a single imaging modality. Thus, combining different contrast mechanisms to achieve simultaneous multimodal imaging is desirable. However, this process is highly challenging due to specific optical and hardware requirements for… ... [Learn More]

Addressing the Training Needs of Supervisors of Employees with Developmental Disabilities: Development of a Leadership Training Framework

Individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) represent a significantly underutilized talent pool and often miss out on the many benefits of meaningful work. To improve the employment outlook for this population, there is an urgent need for research that investigates ways to eradicate existing barriers limiting opportunities for full-time employment. To address gaps in both research and practice, the overarching purpose of the present collected papers dissertation was to provide evidence-based research that informs the development of supportive workplace practices to improve employment outcomes specifically for people with DD. Study One involved the identification of skill and knowledge gaps of supervisors… ... [Learn More]

Parents' Experiences After the Death of an Only Child in the U.S.

There are more than 14,000 parents who lose their only child each year. Following the death of a child, recent studies found bereaved parents experienced a higher level of grief, family dysfunction, more physical and psychological problems. The loss of an only child is one of the risk factors related to parents’ poorer outcomes. In the last 20 years, all the studies about the death of an only child were conducted in China under the Chinese only child policy. According to the literature review, parents who lost an only child had more negative outcomes than parents who have surviving child(ren).… ... [Learn More]

Political Misfit at Work: Examining the Effects of Political Affiliation Dissimilarity in Selection and Work Processes

Over the last two decades, political affiliation membership has become an increasingly divisive social identity in the United States. Many organizational researchers have pushed for more investigation into understanding the effects of this salient yet understudied identity in the workplace. The purpose of this dissertation was to answer this call to action and examine the influence of political affiliation (Republican or Democrat) (dis)similarity on two discrete parts of the work process. Study one assessed how political affiliation (dis)similarity between a rater and a fictitious job applicant affected perceptions of applicant hireability through the potential mediators of applicant liking and applicant… ... [Learn More]

The Pedagogy of the Youth Teachers of the Cuban Literacy Campaign

Abstract The Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961 turned teenagers into teachers. This study interviewed three former youth teachers and recorded their experiences through the oral history lens and method. The study focused on the pedagogical components of their lived experience, often overlooked by scholars who have mainly focused on the campaign’s political and economic history from the top down. In turn, issues of identity surfaced that helped explain the personal motivations for participating in the campaign and produced counter-narratives in the process. The interviews compiled allowed a bottom-up history to be archived, highlighting the stories of people omitted from the… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.