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It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that completed forms are received by the UGS on time and that all deadlines are met. To monitor the status of the forms at UGS, students must log in to https://my.fiu.edu/, and navigate to the Tasks tile.

Currently, all UGS related documents have been moved to electronic submissions.

The online dissertation milestone submission is available for doctoral students. Please refer https://gradschool.fiu.edu/online-dissertation-milestones/.

For thesis forms, revised dissertation/thesis committees and the rest of UGS forms, please do communicate with your academic department/college, as your associate deans will send your PDF files to us. Faculty and students are using Adobe or DocuSign for signature purposes.

If using DocuSign, please do not include the email addresses of UGS deans as recipients.

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  • Petition for Exception to Graduate Requirements – This form is now electronic. Please see your academic program regarding the petition process.
  • Change of Graduate Degree Form and Procedures (PDF)
  • FIU/UM Exchange Program (PDF) – Exchange program for PhD students at FIU and UM for educational and research coursework. Refer to application for deadlines and registration details.

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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Speaker Recognition Using Multiple Parametric Self-Organizing Maps

Speaker Recognition is the process of automatically recognizing a person who is speaking on the basis of individual parameters included in his/her voice. This technology allows systems to automatically verify identify in applications such as banking by telephone or forensic science. A Speaker Recognition system has the following main modules: Feature Extraction and Classification. For feature extraction the most commonly used techniques are MEL-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC) and Linear Predictive Coding (LPC). For classification and verification, technologies such as Vector Quantization (VQ), Hidden Markov Models (HMM) and Neural Networks have been used. The contribution of this thesis is a new… ... [Learn More]

Three Essays in Volatility

For a typical firm, idiosyncratic volatility is as sensitive to the relative value of assets in place as to growth options. However, for firms dominated by assets in place (growth options), idiosyncratic volatility is more sensitive to the relative value of assets in place (growth options). Binding irreversibility constraint (uncertainty) makes the effect of assets in place (growth options) more pronounced. The institutional ownership in China’s (the U.S.) stock market is positively (negatively) related to idiosyncratic volatility. Our dynamic tests show two-way Granger-causality between institutional ownership and idiosyncratic volatility in the U.S. and one-way Granger-causality in China. It indicates that… ... [Learn More]

Public-Private Partnerships in the United States: The Relevance of Public Policy and Finance

The infrastructure deficit is among the most significant challenges facing the United States. The Trump and Biden administrations called for using public-private partnerships (PPPs) to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. As distinct arrangements that are part of both the public and private sectors, PPPs pose critical questions to public policy and administration. They have also gained popularity as a result of the New Public Management and Collaborative Governance movements. By synthesizing the theories of the economics of hybrid organizations, public choice, and public value, my research suggests that PPP formation, management, and performance evaluation require the strategic interactions of both… ... [Learn More]

The Role of Dispositional and Situational Factors in Assessment of User Response to New IT – A Coping Theory Perspective of User Adaptation from IT Implementation to Job Outcomes.

New IT-related disturbing events remain a significant challenge for organizations as individuals could perceive what is at stake for them as an opportunity or a threat. Furthermore, they assess the resources available while engaging in these situations. Therefore, it is essential to study the contextual and dispositional factors which affect specific adaptation behaviors that individuals undertake to cope with an IT and the antecedents and consequences of these appraisals. By utilizing the coping model of user adaptation, we theorize users' IT adaptation behaviors as a coping process performed by individuals and investigate their coping appraisals that could affect job outcomes.… ... [Learn More]

Deployable Tightly Coupled Dipole Arrays For Small Satellites

This dissertation presents the theory, design, fabrication, and verification of several critical components for a novel class of origami-based and deployable Tightly Coupled Dipole Arrays (TCDAs) suitable for small satellite applications. This work introduces a new approach to enhance the bandwidth of TCDAs by incorporating a semi-resistive Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) network within the substrate. The integration of this FSS network within a dual-polarized TCDA led to an increased impedance bandwidth of 28:1 from 0.20 GHz to 5.6 GHz. Concurrently, losses above 2.5 GHz are reduced to achieve a radiation efficiency of 83% on average. A major component of the… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.