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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Solving Complex Data-Streaming Problems by Applying Economic-Based Principles to Mobile and Wireless Resource Constraint Networks

The applications that employ mobile networks depend on the continuous input of reliable data collected by sensing devices. A common application is in military systems, where as an example, drones that are sent on a mission can communicate with each other, exchange sensed data, and autonomously make decisions. Although the mobility of nodes enhances the network coverage, connectivity, and scalability, it introduces pressing issues in data reliability compounded by restrictions in sensor energy resources, as well as limitations in available memory, and computational capacity. This dissertation investigates the issues that mobile networks encounter in providing reliable data. Our research goal… ... [Learn More]

Promoting School Readiness in At-risk Children: An Evaluation of a Behavioral Parent Training Program in an Early Childhood Community Setting

Behavioral parent training (BPT) is the gold standard for the treatment of externalizing behavior problems in young children. However, many programs have failed to consistently replicate positive outcomes in economically and socially disadvantaged populations. Given the lasting negative impact of early behavioral problems on youth, families, and society as well as the heightened risk such families face, it is important to examine BPT within particularly vulnerable populations. A pilot open trial of a novel BPT, the School Readiness Parenting Program (SRPP), was conducted to examine the acceptability, feasibility, and promise of the manualized treatment as a standalone intervention for economically… ... [Learn More]

Intermedialidad en el Documental Cubano Contemporáneo

Cuban documentaries, which have experienced dramatic changes in the last two decades, are now more in tune with the most recent global trends in cinema. However, the scarce implementation within the documentary genre of other perspectives and modes of analysis, outside those that are purely cinematographic, has stalled investigations in the field, thus creating a disengagement with the structural and thematic renovation that has been taking place within the discourse of contemporary Cuban documentaries. My dissertation “Intermedialidad en el documental cubano contemporáneo” examines a select sample of representative texts and Cuban documentaries, with a view to adapting and/or developing an… ... [Learn More]

Dracula and Amnesia: Character Identities and Constant Subjectivism under Ideological State Apparatuses

This thesis explores how the identities of protagonists and antagonists are constructed in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Through analyzing the Gothic genre, racial constructs, and Ideological State Apparatuses, a system that uses social and cultural institutions to control populations of people, this thesis concludes that the protagonists’ identities are more pronounced than that of the antagonists’. The Gothic genre requires protagonists to overcome a supernatural force, so they are already given the limelight in the narrative, the most exposure to a reader. Additionally, both media use racial constructs to pit the protagonists against the… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.