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Recent FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Resolving the Telecommuting Paradox: Does Leader-Member Exchange Matter?

Prior theorizing about telecommuting has proposed the possibility of a telecommuting paradox (Gajendran & Harrison, 2007), which refers to a set of mutually incompatible consequences that telecommuting has for employees. On one hand, a key theme in managerial and scholarly writings on telecommuting is that it provides employees with greater flexibility and discretion over where, when, and how work is completed. According to this view, telecommuting leads to greater autonomy and this in turn is linked to beneficial outcomes including greater job satisfaction, intentions to stay, and better job performance. On the other hand, some researchers and the popular press… ... [Learn More]

Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Geographic data are information associated with a location on the surface of the Earth. They comprise spatial attributes (latitude, longitude, and altitude) and non-spatial attributes (facts related to a location). Traditionally, Physical Geography datasets were considered to be more valuable, thus attracted most research interest. But with the advancements in remote sensing technologies and widespread use of GPS enabled cellphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, recent years witnessed explosive growth in the amount of available Human Geography datasets. However, methods and tools that are capable of analyzing and modeling these datasets are very limited. This is because Human Geography… ... [Learn More]

Novel Conformal Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonance Systems

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is an emerging technology in today’s society. Recently, many advancements to WPT systems have been implemented, such as, the introduction of the Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) and Conformal SCMR (CSCMR) methods. These methods allow WPT systems to operate at increased distances with smaller dimensional footprints. However, their range is still limited and needs to be expanded, and their footprint is sometimes large and needs to be miniaturized. Therefore, the goal of this research is to develop new designs and methodologies that can achieve the range extension and miniaturization of CSCMR systems. Furthermore, many wireless devices… ... [Learn More]

Defense by Deception against Stealthy Attacks in Power Grids

Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are converging towards a hybrid platform that is becoming ubiquitous in all modern infrastructures. The integration of the complex and heterogeneous systems creates enormous space for the adversaries to get into the network and inject cleverly crafted false data into measurements, misleading the control center to make erroneous decisions. Besides, the attacker can make a critical part of the system unavailable by compromising the sensor data availability. To obfuscate and mislead the attackers, we propose DDAF, a deceptive data acquisition framework for CPSs' hierarchical communication network. Each switch in the hierarchical… ... [Learn More]

Racial Microaggressions of Indigenous Undergraduate Students in an Ecuadorian Higher Education Institution

Although subtle, racial microaggressions have an impact on lives of people who endure hostilities by virtue of their race or ethnicity (Solórzano et al., 2000; Sue et al., 2007). Research on racial discrimination indicates that college campuses can be threatening environments especially for underrepresented students who constantly face elusive hostilities in their interactions with teachers, peers, and administrative (Allen, 2010; Helm, 2013; Nadal et al., 2014, Reid, 2017). The current mixed-methods study examined the most commonly experienced types of microaggressions affecting Indigenous undergraduate students while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a public higher education institution in Ecuador, as well as… ... [Learn More]

Theses and Dissertations produced by graduate students at Florida International University.