The Final ETD Submission Process

Currently, the documents below have been moved to an electronic submission. Please do communicate with your unit/college, as your associate deans will send the documents in one PDF file to us. Faculty and students are using Adobe or DocuSign for signature purposes.

Step 1: Submit the Final ETD Approval Form

After you have defended your dissertation/thesis successfully, you are ready to submit your Final ETD Approval Form.

As with all other milestones forms previously submitted and approved by UGS, please do submit the Final ETD Form to your academic unit/college by their respective deadlines to ensure you meet the UGS deadline.

As you follow and review the instructions listed on the Final ETD Form, please note the following:

  • For SACS accreditation purposes, all doctoral candidates (PhD/EdD) must submit a full version of their curriculum vitae (CV), which will include your contact information, etc. Indeed, this full CV is different from the 2-page Vita within the dissertation.
  • If applicable, students must produce any Copyright release from publishers if any part of the dissertation/thesis has been published.
  • Only PhD candidates are required to complete the online Survey of Earned Doctorates and submit a Certificate of Completion (available after completing the Survey).

The form must be submitted to the UGS office by no later than the due date, as listed in the Deadlines section of the UGS website. The UGS deadline for Summer 2021 is Friday, July 23, 2021.

Step 2: Submit the Final Version of the ETD Manuscript

After submission of your Final ETD Approval Form to UGS by the due date, you have indeed met the required deadline for the form only. As with any of your D forms at UGS, you can confirm whether your Final ETD Approval Form has been received by our office, by checking in your Tasks Tile in your

After the receipt of your final ETD by our office, you will receive an email from our ETD Coordinator with upload instructions. This email will include a deadline to upload the final version of your manuscript via Digital Commons. You will receive this email towards the end of the term.