Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) seeks to assist students in their career development by serving as a gateway to campus resources and providing direct services. The PDP complements the efforts of established university resources, such as the Center for Excellence in Writing, the Communication Arts Studio, Career and Talent Development, The Center for the Advancement of Teaching, and Student Health Services and Wellness.

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Learn to apply effective communication skills that will prepare you for job opportunities in academia as well as industry, government and non-profit organizations. Workshops at FIU have included APA (American Psychological Association) Citation Style, The Literature Review, Writing a Personal Statement, Turning Your Dissertation into Publication, Grant Writing, Presenting at Academic Conferences, Library Search, Curriculum Vitae (CV) Preparation.

Professoriate & Research Training

If you are a doctoral student who is aspiring to become a professor, then you should know that teaching will play a key role in your career. Training in teaching provides you with a significant advantage in your development as a future faculty member. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) offers certificates to graduate students who complete the CAT teaching training program. Likewise, FIU’s Office of Research and Economic Development provides training and assistance to graduate students who apply for external fellowships and grants.

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Research leaders in all disciplines have skills to envision future trends in their disciplines, apply their expertise to address needs of the society, communicate effectively to stakeholders of diverse backgrounds, and attract resources in their chosen careers. Gain these skills through both the Center for Leadership at FIU, which invites distinguished leaders from industry and academia, as well as the Center for Leadership and Service, which offers a graduate track of the Academy of Leaders, providing leadership training and development for graduate students.


Find the balance between your academic and personal life as you pursue your graduate studies. As graduate school can be challenging, it is essential for you to have a conscious approach to well-being. Workshops offered by Student Health Services include such topics as Stress Management, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Staying Motivated in Graduate School.

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Gain valuable leadership experience.
Become an integral part of the graduate student community at FIU.

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