Oscar Grau

Oscar Grau wanted a career that aligned with his values of integrity and respect for people and something that ensured that his work was purpose-driven. He has found that career at Eli Lilly & Company, where he has helped advocate for patients, partnered with healthcare providers, and recruited countless individuals into the organization.

Oscar earned a degree in Marketing and International Business from the FIU School of Business 2003 and returned to FIU to earn an MBA in 2010. He’s currently a consultant in Talent Acquisition, Global Recruiting and Staffing at Lilly.

Oscar became involved in the pharmaceutical industry through the student chapter of the FIU Alumni Association, where he met several alums who work in the field. He ended up being mentored by an alum who was a pharmaceutical sales representative.

“This opportunity allowed me to further understand the pharmaceutical industry, its positive impact on patient outcomes and healthcare, and ultimately understand if this was a good fit for me,” Oscar says. “As a result, I found an organization that truly aligned with my purpose and values.”

That organization was Eli Lilly and Company. While at Lilly, Oscar helped start the company’s first field-based employee resource group, Field Organization of Latinos. As a result of his work with field-based employee initiatives and recruiting, he recently received Lilly’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Award.

At Lilly, Oscar has worked in different areas of the business, including sales and human resources. In his current role, he helps lead the organization’s sales internship recruiting efforts. He says that the best part of his role is getting to meet amazing students who are eager to apply their knowledge and skill sets. Recently, he has been involved with the University Graduate School’s Accelerate to Industry (A2i™) program. A2i™, which had its inaugural year in 2020, is designed to help graduate students learn about career options while gaining valuable business, communication, and leadership skills.

After a few years working full-time at Lilly, Oscar decided to pursue an MBA at FIU. “I was at the point in my career where I knew that an MBA from FIU would help me in tomorrow’s work environment,” he says. “If I wanted to grow in my professional career, I needed tools that would aid me in tackling difficult future business decisions.” 

Oscar says that FIU’s MBA program was the right choice for him because it provided the flexibility to study after work and attend classes on the weekend. It also fostered important networking opportunities at the local level with current students, alumni, and professors. 

“I firmly believe that business is also a contact sport,” Oscar says. “I was fortunate to meet some of the most ambitious and brightest minds across several disciplines.”

Oscar’s experiences at FIU helped him become more strategic in designing and executing projects and deliverables. He’s been able to use his business skills to take a closer look at data and understand the story behind the data. Among his favorite memories at FIU are discussions and debates regarding case analysis decisions. 

“Our cohort was able to respectfully challenge each other,” Oscar says. “As a result, we learned about different approaches and unique solutions. Leveraging diversity, including different opinions, is key when solving tomorrow’s complex business decisions.”

Oscar plans to continue working with Lilly for the foreseeable future. Something he would love to do is lead a new team of professionals who are excited and passionate about serving both healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.

“I’m fortunate to work at an organization where unique opportunities abound,” Oscar says. “My story is still being written! I would say there’s nothing more exciting than tapping into someone’s potential and seeing them soar.”