Brenda Guerrero

Teaching and Learning

“This research fellowship makes me appreciate my support system, within and outside of FIU. With my mentors, friends, and family, I have the confidence to pursue my big crazy ideas and get things done.”

Brianna Martinez


“I am truly honored that I was selected to receive this award and that the NSF has chosen to invest in my potential as a researcher. I am excited to use this fellowship to contribute to my field, chemistry education research, which is so often overlooked.”

Christopher J. Sorich


“I am extremely gratified to have received the NSF GRFP and want to thank my advisor, Dr. Diego Salazar, for his great mentorship. To me, this fellowship means greater freedom to collect plants alongside the extraordinary botanists at the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) in Hawai’i. Receiving this fellowship also demonstrates that the collaborative science between FIU and NTBG has the potential of generating national recognition.”