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Maanasa Jayachandran

Maanasa Jayachandran has been interested in neuroscience since taking an AP psychology course in the 10th grade. Her casual interest eventually evolved into a fascination with learning and memory. “As I took more focused courses and gained research experience, I realized that memory is one of the most fundamental mental processes,” she says. “Basically, without […]

Oscar Grau

Oscar Grau wanted a career that aligned with his values of integrity and respect for people and something that ensured that his work was purpose-driven. He has found that career at Eli Lilly & Company, where he has helped advocate for patients, partnered with healthcare providers, and recruited countless individuals into the organization. Oscar earned […]

Roberto Prado-Rivera

Roberto Prado-Rivera loves learning, and pushing the boundaries of current scientific knowledge is what drives his research. “Some might call it ‘innate curiosity’, but that is too rigid of a description,” Roberto says. “I truly do enjoy learning about new topics, especially those related to physics and mathematics. It’s fun!” He hopes that pushing boundaries will […]

Mariacarla Gonzalez

Mariacarla Gonzalez received the Fulbright Student Scholarship in 2019. Her plan was to go to Honduras in 2020 to conduct research on testing a low-cost device that would be used for cervical cancer diagnosis. Fate had other plans. While in Honduras, Mariacarla visited the hospital she would have worked at and accompanied physicians who were […]

Claire Helpingstine

Fourth-year doctoral student Claire Helpingstine believes that many students view fellowships as just another opportunity for rejection, but she takes a different approach. She believes that the possibility of rejection can be a pathway to improvement. “In order to combat this thinking, it is best to view fellowship applications as an opportunity to practice marketing […]

Robert Tomasetti

Robert Tomasetti won the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship in 2019. The five-year fellowship includes three years of financial support, including an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost of education allowance of $12,000. The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral […]

Mitra Naseh

Familiar with the pain of being denied equal opportunities, Mitra Naseh has spent most of her life advocating for vulnerable populations and pushing for equality. At age 13, she started volunteering in non-governmental organizations as an after-school tutor for street children in Tehran.  “My passion and commitment to work with vulnerable populations have guided my […]

Ahmed Imteaj

Ahmed Imteaj’s interest in computing and programming began with a Google search. During his high school years in Bangladesh, he became enamored with how the Google search engine functions, and it influenced him to build a career in computer science. Ahmed, now a second-year doctoral student in Computer Science, and his research supervisor, Dr. Hadi […]

Michelle Pierre

Returning to the Moon has been a constant goal of NASA’s, and Michelle Pierre is helping them reach that goal. Her work will help put people back on the Moon by 2024. It’s also work that recently won her the Innovation Mission Award for Exploration Ground Systems Technology at NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Michelle, […]

Alban Delamarre

Doctoral student Alban Delamarre and FIU alumnus Dr. Jaeson Clayborn recently received a $10,000 grant from National Geographic for their work on a virtual reality game designed to promote butterfly and forest conservation. And it all started because of basketball. “I was playing on Jaeson’s team, and we started talking about our respective work,” says […]