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Mahmoud AminMahmoud Amin

  • PhD Graduate in Electrical Engineering

Mahmoud Amin has been on a winning streak. In 2011, he won a Dissertation Year Fellowship from FIU to complete his PhD in Electrical Engineering, and after that year he continued his research as a Post Doctor Associate. Shortly thereafter, he earned a tenure-track position as an assistant professor in Manhattan College's department of electrical and computer engineering.

Amin joined the FIU community in 2009 as a graduate research assistant in the Energy Systems Research Laboratory, where he has worked on hybrid vehicles, wind farms and other systems of sustainable energy. In 2010, he won awards for his research from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and from FIU's Graduate Student Association Scholarly Forum. He works on creating smarter systems of energy storage and conversion, which he has been researching and teaching for more than a decade.

What do you love most about your field?
This field allows me to explore the new methods and topologies for hybrid renewable energy conversion systems that can optimally use the power injected into the grid. As part of this research, I developed new models and control techniques to analyze and accurately predict the properties of energy systems. My tools and techniques are being used by several projects, both in industry and academia, to develop smarter systems.

What do you eventually want to do with your degree? What's your next step after graduation?
I was motivated towards seeking a faculty and/or research position in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in the electric energy systems area, including power electronics, sustainable energy systems, and electric machine drives. Also, I have particular interest in smart grid applications and grid connectivity of alternate energy sources. I am further interested in teaching these areas, and I have excellent research experience in power electronics applications in sustainable energy systems, distributed generation and power system operation, and protection and control.

My next step would be to join my new job in academia in New York City, since I accepted an assistant professor position offer at Manhattan College, starting fall 2012.

How have FIU & Graduate faculty helped you achieve your goals?
I joined the Energy Systems Research Laboratory, in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in May 2009 as a graduate research assistant. In May 2011, I was granted the Dissertation Year Fellowship awarded by FIU. My research advisor was Professor Osama Mohammed. Following the granting of my degree, I was hired as a Post Doctoral Research Associate at the Energy Systems Research Laboratory.

Since I joined FIU in May 2009, it was a very helpful period for me to establish new knowledge and innovative ideas in my field and to learn new aspects theoretically and practically. The flexibility and the availability of the advanced facilities and technologies at FIU were the main points that helped me to move toward success in my future.

What is your most memorable experience as a graduate student at FIU?
As a result of my research experience as a graduate student at FIU, I successfully published four refereed journal articles in addition to more than fifteen conference papers. I also received the IEEE Power & Energy Society third place award nationally in the technical paper competition in 2010.


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