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DebrupaDebrupa Lahiri

  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering

Debrupa Lahiri, a summer 2011 doctoral graduate is currently working as a post doctoral researcher with Dr. Arvind Agarwal Associate Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at FIU.

While pursuing her doctoral studies at FIU, Dr. Lahiri focused on developing nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite (HA) composites as a solution to the existing problem of low fracture toughness and wear resistance for HA-coated orthopedic implants used for knee and joint replacements. The current implants that are used have a relatively short lifespan and Dr. Lahiri's research has shown promise by creating longer lasting implants that bond better with human bone and tissue.

Dr. Lahiri received her Master's of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur and began her doctoral studies at FIU in fall 2007. Her favorite aspect of FIU is the collaborative research environment and the research facilities which she frequently took advantage of during her doctoral studies. Research collaborations with other faculty members in her department, other departments at FIU (Biological sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, etc.) and other U.S. and international universities (UCF and the University of Strasbourg, France) helped her immensely with her research.

The collaborative atmosphere and her dedication to her studies resulted in more than a few amazing achievements. While at FIU she published 24 articles in peer-reviewed journals, coauthored a book chapter, and coauthored the book Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites with her advisor, Dr. Agarwal and colleague, Dr. Srinivasa Rao Bakshi. She has been recognized by many awards and honors including first place at both the 2009 TMS (The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society) Annual Meeting Technical Division Student Poster Contest and the Material Advantage Graduate Student Poster Competition at the 2010 MS&T (Materials Science and Technology) Conference. She was a recipient of the UGS Dissertation Evidence Acquisition (DEA) Fellowship for 2009-2010 and a recipient of the UGS Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) in 2011. Dr. Lahiri was selected by the Office of the President as one of the FIU "World's Ahead Graduates" for summer 2011 as well as the "Best Doctoral Graduate" in the School of Engineering and Computing and was recognized for "Outstanding Performance as a Doctoral Graduate" by her department.

Dr. Lahiri hopes to join academia as a faculty member and to serve as both a teacher and a researcher. She hopes to excel in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level and to continue working in cutting-edge fields of material science.


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