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There are many approaches to identifying promising scholars. Successful recruitment of graduate students requires not only commitment of resources, but a strategic plan that takes into account an individual unit's needs and resources. The University Graduate School Recruitment Initiative supports academic units in implementing best practices and developing strategic recruitment plans that will result in attracting quality graduate students to graduate programs.

Doctoral Student Recruitment Initiative

In keeping with its commitment to recruitment, the University Graduate School has created the Enhancement of Doctoral Student Recruitment Initiative which helps support the doctoral student recruitment efforts of the university's PhD granting units. To learn more about this initiative and how your unit can apply for recruitment funds, please click here.

The University Graduate School Recruitment Initiative focuses on three areas:

(1) Discovery

The UGS will assist academic units in developing strategic recruitment plans, sharing best practices and providing data. Understanding available data and best practices will help in developing strategic recruitment plans. The UGS can provide academic units with application and enrollment data. UGS can also provide you with discipline specific data.

Click here for additional information on Discovery

Academic Units can increase the chances of attracting qualified applicants by following best practices in Recruitment.

Best Practices in Recruitment

  • Fund Competitively
  • Host receptions for prospective students at national conferences
  • Encourage researchers to recruit as part of their scholarly trips
  • Network with colleagues nationally about your program
  • Identify and conduct recruitment trips and develop recruitment calendar
  • Use Social Media to promote your programs
  • Don't neglect your website
  • Assess to see what works for your discipline

UGS will hold recruitment workshops and will also schedule individual meetings with academic units to discuss specific needs.

(2) Development

The University Graduate School should be your resource and partner in developing your recruitment plans, as well as providing tools to help manage communication to prospective students.

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Intelliworks CRM – Prospective Student Communication Plan
The UGS Prospective Student Communication Plan was developed to expand FIU's recruitment of graduate students via electronic mail. Using the Intelliworks CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows UGS to significantly increase its communications with prospective students while still maintaining a minimal, yet personalized approach. The current UGS Communication Plan is an automated process that sends prospective students 7-11 emails over a ten week period. The plan is split into two separate pieces: General FIU/UGS Information and Program Specific Information.

For more details regarding the UGS Prospective Student Communication Plan, download the Communication Plan Portfolio (PDF). If you would like your program to participate in the UGS Prospective Student Communication Plan, please contact the UGS Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions, Nanett Rojas.

  • Recruitment materials available at UGS:
    • Recruitment Folders with inserts
    • Communication Cards
    • FIU Graduate Programs and degree lists
    • Professional Development brochures
    • Table cloth with FIU logo

    LiveChat Inquiries are made from LiveChat link available from Graduate School's site.

    It allows prospective students to inquire about admissions status issues such as confirmation of receipt of required documents, release of I20s, admissions holds. While enrolled students find it helpful as well especially when asking about M/D forms, deadlines, fellowship/graduate assistantship/medical insurance issues. Some graduate program directors and staff have also used the service to inquire about their students files. Since the service is in real-time students receive responses more quickly than other traditional methods and international applicants especially appreciate the convenience.

    Recruitment Enhancement Funds
    The University Graduate School has funds available to recruit prospective students to doctoral programs. Our efforts to recruit qualified doctoral students for graduate degree programs are centered on the recognition that each program has different needs. Academic units can apply for up to $5,000. A master's program can apply in conjunction with a doctoral program. Funds awarded by the Recruitment Enhancement Funds could be used to:

    • Develop brochures and flyers
    • Coordinate campus visits for prospective students (funds cannot be used for food)
    • Develop website
    • Faculty recruitment travel

    For full details see (PDF) the funding announcement. If you wish to apply for these funds, please complete the form and submit to the University Graduate School in PC 230 or email to Dr. Sonja Montas-Hunter.

    (3) Diversity

    Diversity is integral for excellence in higher education. UGS values diverse experiences and perspectives. Diversity fosters critical thinking and encourages a dynamic intellectual community. In an effort to recruit top scholars into FIU's graduate programs, UGS participates in a number of diversity-focused state-wide and national recruitment events.

    Now Available - Recruitment Enhancement Funds Initiative Application (PDF)

    Upcoming Recruitment Opportunities for Faculty/Staff

    Recruitment Calendar: Where will UGS be?

    Fall 2015
    Date: Fair: Location: (City, State)
    7/24/2015 University of Buffalo McNair Conference Niagara Falls, NY
    09/09 - 09/11/2015 FAMU Graduate Feeder Conference Tallahassee, FL
    9/18/2015 University of Miami Coral Gables, FL
    9/21/2015 NOBCCHE Orlando, FL
    9/22/2015 CSU Long Beach  Long Beach, CA
    9/23/2015 CSU Dominguez Hills  Carson, CA
    9/24/2015 CSU Northridge Northridge, CA
    9/25/2015 McNair Heartland Conference Kansas City, MO
    9/28 - 9/29/2015 Vanderbilt NNE Conference Nashville, TN
    9/29/2015 Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
    9/30/2015 Cornell University Ithaca, NY
    9/30/2015 Nova Southeastern University Davie, Florida
    10/1/2015 Binghamton University Binghamton, NY
    10/8/2015 Columbus Idealist Graduate Fair Columbus, OH
    10/08 - 10/10/2015 Peach State LSAMP Conference Atlanta, GA
    10/11/2015 HACU Miami Beach, FL
    10/13/2015 Broward Community College
    10/13/2015 Florida State University Tallahassee, FL
    10/13/2015 Florida Memorial University Miami, FL
    10/14/2015 University of Central Florida Orlando, FL
    10/14/2015 University of West Florida Pensacola, FL
    10/15/2015 University of Florida Gainesville, FL
    10/16/2015 FIU McNair Research Conference MMC, Miami, FL
    10/20/2015 FIU Graduate and Professional Fair MMC, Miami, FL
    10/20/2015 University of North Florida Jacksonville, FL
    10/20/2015 Florida Atlantic University - Jupiter Campus Jupiter, FL
    10/20/2015 Palm Beach State College Lake Worth, FL
    10/21/2015 University of Georgia Athens, GA
    10/21/2015 Florida Atlantic University – Davie Campus Davie, Florida
    10/21/2015 Florida Atlantic University - Boca Campus Boca, FL
    10/22/2015 University of North Georgia Dahlonega, GA
    10/22/2015 Barry University Miami, FL
    10/27/2015 University of South Florida Tampa, FL
    11/11 - 11/14/2015 ABRCMS Seattle, WA
    11/13/2015 FEF McKnight Meeting Tampa, FL
    2/25/2015 Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM Washington, DC

    Past Recruitment Events

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