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Professional Development Program (PDP): Florida International University offers a wealth of resources intended to enrich the graduate student experience, develop professional skills and prepare graduates for post-graduate careers. The graduate student Professional Development Program (PDP) seeks to assist students in their career development by serving as a gateway to campus resources and providing direct services. PDP complements the efforts of established University resources, such as the Center for Excellence in Writing, Office of Career Services, and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Graduate Student Appreciation Week: Graduate-Professional Student Appreciation Week seeks to emphasize the contributions, impact and value of graduate and professional students on campuses throughout the United States. UGS and the Graduate and Professional Student Committee will be hosting Graduate Student Appreciation Week.

Graduate Student Orientation:

Week of Welcome – Graduate Events:

Presidential Fellows Reception: The 1st annual Presidential Fellows Reception was hosted by the University Graduate School to honor the outstanding Presidential Fellows of FIU.