Electronic Theses & Dissertation

Main Formatting and Instruction Guides

The ETD GUIDE and ETD PREPARATION MANUAL (PDF) complement each other and both should be utilized. The guide contains video tutorials, downloadable templates, important information on research standards and copyright, while the Manual explains the dissertation and thesis process and formatting requirements in more depth.

Proposal and Defense Announcement Samples

Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

Sample Proposals

Biology - Sample 1 (PDF) | Sample 2 (PDF) | Sample 3 (PDF)

Chemistry - Sample 1 (PDF) | Sample 2 (PDF)

Earth Science - Sample (PDF)

Education - Sample 1 (PDF) | Sample 2 (PDF) | Sample 3 (PDF)

Electrical Engineering - Sample (PDF)

Environmental Studies - Sample (PDF)

LACC - Sample (PDF)

Nursing - Sample (PDF)

Psychology - Sample 1 | Sample 2 (PDF)

Dissertation Defense Announcement Sample (PDF)

Thesis Defense Announcement Sample (PDF)


D Forms & M Forms


Deadlines for Thesis and Dissertation


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