International Student Funding

While the majority of fellowships and funding sources are federally funded and thus restricted to US citizens and residents, there are a growing number of fellowship and funding opportunities that are available to international students. Please see below for a list of fellowship options and additional resources that you can explore:

Financial Aid Resources for International Students

Vietnam Education Foundation
The VEF Fellowship Program is one of the key components of VEF's mandate to enhance bilateral relations between the United States and Vietnam through international educational exchange programs that help improve Vietnamese Science and Technology (S&T) capacities. VEF provides fellowships to the most talented Vietnamese for graduate study (master's, doctorate degree program) in the United States in Science and Technology. Fellows are selected through a highly competitive, open and transparent process.
Latin America and Caribbean Studies (LAC)
The Latin American and Caribbean Graduate Fellowship program is designed to promote international education and research between FIU and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Fulbright Foreign Student Fellowship Program
The Fulbright Fellowship Programis a U.S. government sponsored program designed to increase mutual understanding and the exchange of ideas between the United States and other countries. International students interested in studying at FIU apply for a fellowship through a participating Fulbright agency (IIE, LASPAU, AMIDEAST, etc.) and then apply to FIU as a part of the Fulbright placement process. Fulbright Foreign Fellows that attend FIU have their out-of-state tuition fees waived. For more information visit the Fulbright Foreign Student Program web site or contact Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions, Nanett Rojas.