The Academy of Graduates for Integrative Learning Experiences (AGILE) seeks to enrich the graduate student learning experience by enhancing students' cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills through a series of self-paced, structured, and accessible interdisciplinary workshops, dialogues, and experiential opportunities, which include:

  • Integrative learning through interdisciplinary dialogues and community meetings with peers and mentors
  • Interpersonal skill enhancement through professional development, leadership, and communication seminars
  • Intrapersonal skill enrichment through the integration of scholarly work and service or community engagement efforts

AGILE: An Integrative Learning Program Plan

AGILE is designed to create a synergistic learning community of graduate scholars whose participation in a coordinated, co-mentored, and self-paced program will include the following components:

  • Interdisciplinary Mentoring
  • Community Meetings
  • Professional and Academic Development Seminars
  • Leadership Academy and Speaker Series
  • E-portfolio/Self-reflective Professional and Academic Progress Plan
Program Criteria

The 2015-2016 application AGILE application cycle is closed. Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact Ms. Magnolia Hernandez at the University Graduate School at 305-348-1905 or

2013 AGILE Scholars

Join us in congratulating our first cohort of AGILE scholars.

Raed Bahelah
Public Health

Melisa Balos
International Relations

Claudia Cardona
Civil and Environmental

Andrea Headley
Public Affairs

Craig McGill
Adult Education

Nadine Mikati
Dietetics & Nutrition

Manuel Salinas
Biomedical Engineering

Chaundra Whitehead
Adult Education
2014 AGILE Scholars

Join us in congratulating our second cohort of AGILE scholars.

Sahar Ajabshir
Dietetics and Nutrition

Lukas Danner
International Relations

Daniel Roncancio

Million Mesfun

Soumyadeep Mukherjee
Public Health

Mariana Pitiriciu
Civil Engineering

Christa Remington
Public Affairs

Nanett Rojas
Higher Education
2015 AGILE Scholars

Join us in congratulating our third cohort of AGILE scholars.

Rehab Auf
Public Health

Yulin Hou

Mohammad Mamunur Rashid

Renata Bozzetto

Wolfgang Victor Yarlott
Computer Science

Vivian Cueto
Public Affairs

Mohammadtaghi Moravej
Civil Engineering

Sebawit Bishu
Public Affairs

Salma Hadeed
Adult Education and HR Development
AGILE Campus Partners

Center for Leadership & Service
Office of Engagement
Communication Arts Studio
Career Services
Center for Excellence in Writing
Office of Academic Planning and Accountability
Student Health Services and the Wellness Center

AGILE Lecture Series

Since the Fall of 2014, the AGILE Lecture Series has included the following speakers:

  • Fall 2014—Professional Development in Graduate Education. Dr. Debra W. Steward, Former President, Council of Graduate Schools
  • Spring 2015—Love, Reason, and Self-Discovery. Dr. Peter Rogen, Cross-cultural Communications Professional and Shakespearean Actor
  • Fall 2015—Exploring Careers in Industry and the Academy. Dr. Ross Hinkle, Former Graduate Dean & Professor of Biology, University of Central Florida
  • Spring 2016—Lunch and Learn on the State of Graduate Education. Dr. Suzanne Ortega, President, Council of Graduate Schools