10% Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission of Master's Applicants - New Policy

We are happy to announce the launching of the 10% Conditional Admission of Master’s Applicants policy beginning with the Spring 2015 admissions cycle.  As announced at the Fall 2013 GPD meeting, this policy was proposed to the Graduate Council and approved by the Faculty Senate based on the Graduate Council’s recommendation. 

The 10% policy gives master’s programs the flexibility of admitting students who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements to the program, up to 10% of their total number of admitted students for one academic year.  Students admitted under the 10% condition must achieve a 3.0 GPA on 9 graduate credits within one year of being admitted to the program.  Please note that this policy is replacing the current 2 term conditional admission policy immediately.

FAQ - 10% Conditional Admissions Policy for Masters Students