Academic Misconduct Procedures

*Note: Effective Spring 2016, this process is handled by the Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity, Dr. Valerie George. For any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. George at 7-1892 or

For the Faculty:


Please become familiar with the Student Misconduct procedures, which are the outcome of a University committee, consultation with academic units, and approved by the Faculty Senate (revision approved Spring, 2010).

Code of Academic Integrity

On November 28, 2001, the Student Government Association adopted the Code of Academic Integrity, which can be incorporated into syllabi, distributed prior to an exam, or employed in any way that might help to prevent academic misconduct. Please be advised that requiring students to sign the pledge may not be enforceable; however, you may ask students to sign an acknowledgment that they have read the Pledge.

Academic Misconduct Procedures

Effective Spring 2016, the academic misconduct process is handled by the Office of Academic Integrity. To access information about the process, please visit the Academic Integrity: Misconduct web page.